Anniversary Session in Ojai by California Wedding Photographer

Anniversary Session in Ojai by California Wedding Photographer Stephanie Flores

What I love about being a photographer is having my clients trust me. Give me their vision, and let me run with it! Hilary and Omar had this vision for their anniversary session. Hilary had been following me for a while on Instagram. So she had inquired about an anniversary session for their first year as a married couple. They not only survived their first year married but through a PANDEMIC!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE anniversary sessions! Regardless of how long you have been married theirs something about seeing the love two shares. I am always asked what your photography style is? I always describe my style as bringing out your Lizzo confidence! Now, if you don’t know who Lizzo is, she’s an amazing singer! She shows women that no matter what, you can have confidence in yourself. I love giving you another engagement session no matter how long it’s been since your wedding day.

Couple standing looking at each other holding hands in Ojai I love 2020, It has made me focus on things that before I wouldn’t have focused on. Right now, I would have been knee-deep in weddings and wouldn’t be able to take on other sessions. This year’s wedding season might have been affected, but that didn’t affect how I treat all my clients. I love being able to give my clients a experience that they didn’t know was possible. I don’t want to just capture a moment in your life I want you to be able to see these images and remember exactly how you felt, what the temperature was, what you ate for breakfast that morning. So if you have been wanting to update some photos of you and your spouse keep this in mind.

Couple standing together in a field by the trees in OjaiMan looking at beautiful wife while wife holds his head and looking at the camera in OjaiCouple having fun in a field in OjaiCouple in middle of field in Ojai

couple hugging and kissing Ojai

I always love telling my couples that you can come get some photos taken with me and since your all dolled up go have a date night. It’s always super important to have a date night to keep that spark alive.

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