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Bridgeport Engagement Session- Santa Clarita – Engagement Photographer

couple holding each other

Let’s talk about this Bridgeport Engagement Session! Erica and Michael wanted to have their engagement session at a location that was different so they choose Bridgeport. Bridgeport is a cute Eastern style community with a man-made lake. This gorgeous location is located in the heart of Santa Clarita/Valencia literally just 5 mins from Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Erica and Michael were so cute on their session, we had some belly aching laughing which is always my favorite during a session. They shared their love story with me, well as Erica put it “I wasn’t very interested at first”. They first met at a mutual friends birthday dinner. Erica walked in blindly thinking that everyone was a couple. Then Michael started the whole lip synching movement before it was even a thing! He lip sang to “These Eyes” while dancing it sure caught Erica’s attention, so she shouted “Thats from a movie”


Michael shouted “Superbad”, as the night went on, Michael had to leave but he had texted their mutual friend how beautiful Erica was. Before Erica knew it her friend had requested Michael on Social Media. After Michael had returned he started telling Erica his whole life story but she really wasn’t into it. She told him that she was going to leave. He was a gentleman and walked her to her car and said “thank you for the company” (how cute is that!)


Couple forehead to forehead smiling at each other Guy kissing temple, holding her Couple looking into their future sitting on a bench

Now the proposal stories are always my favorite! He kept bugging her to go on their favorite hike, Erica thought he would be asking on this hike. She told their mutual friend who already knew he was planning to propose on the hike. Michael thought quickly and changed his initial plan. Towards the end of the night they decided to head over to Ventura Pier for some beer.

Ring Shot, couple forehead to foreheadGuy nibbling on the neck of the girl with lake behind themforehead to forehead and girl grabbing his face to bring it in Michael and Erica took a little walk to the end of the pier with Peyton where he had the whole family behind them when he asked for her hand. Erica never told Michael but that was exactly what she wanted for her proposal so let’s just say the change of plans were the best! Couple with lake behind themSun through the side with couple smiling together couple kissing and couple sitting with ring shot from below Couple holding each other with lake behind Sun through the middle while holding each other

If you are looking to capture your engagement session at a different location do it! Pick a location that means a lot to you both! This location for Erica and Michael meant a lot because Michaels father lives in this community so they love walking the lake. Michael grew up in this community as well so it held a little bit more then just a location that looks good. I love capturing engagement pictures that show the couples love for each other especially at locations that mean more to them. As a wedding and engagement photographer we strive to bring out their love through laughter, fun! Couple looking other way with lake behind them Couple smiling

  1. jacqueline g says:

    How sweet are these photos! I love hearing the adventures of their love story too!! So wonderful!!

  2. Alycia says:

    I absolutely adore her dress and this lighting!!

  3. Those pictures are so beautiful, and what a cute couple! Loving the mood in these.
    P.s: Michael is a real gentleman!

  4. The warm light and these two beautiful souls make my heart skip a beat! Beautiful engagement!

  5. Sydney Kroll says:

    The detail shits are truly stunning. What a sweet couple, you captured them beautifully!

  6. I like how you talk about the engagement session location meaning something to the couple!

  7. Jenn says:

    Such a fun session! I love how happy the couple are 🙂

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