How much should I be paying my wedding photographer?

How much should I be paying my wedding photographer?

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What should I invest in my wedding

Now that you are engaged and it’s time to plan your dream day. You’re probably wonder “what should I be paying for my wedding photographer?“. Of course you are! This blog you’re about to read is just the thing.

What should I be paying for my wedding photographer? | Stephanie Flores Photography


what should you pay your wedding photographer

Now you have probably seen dozens upon dozens of photographers pricing ranging from $0-$30k. Which can definitely be a tad overwhelming, I can understand. Most couples haven’t planned a wedding before, which is fine that’s why you hire professionals. Now first thing is first CHEAPER ISN’T ALWAYS BEST! I understand you might want to keep things under a certain amount which is awesome but your photography shouldn’t be one of them. These are going to be around for decades if not generations, so you want to make sure the quality is there.


Once you have read over this blog you’ll be able to learn and help with your decision

  • The 10% myth
  • What’s the pricing for wedding photography in my area or in general?
  • What dictates the amount of the photography? (is there a reason why it cost what it does?)


How much should I invest in wedding photography


1. 10% of your wedding budget goes to photography myth 


Now you have probably seen this while researching “how much to invest in wedding photography” the 10% rule. Which states you should spend anywhere from 10-15% of your wedding budget on your wedding photography. Now being a wedding photographer and also being on the other side I wish I would have paid more, and went with who I really wanted.

The issue I have with this 10% rule is that if you are really value having/wanting long lasting memories and portraits your going to want to invest more then only  10%.  I can personally say I have seen couples who have cut guest list, and other areas before they thought about the photography budget.

Start with looking at photographer(s) and seeing what you must have from them and determining your budget from that. What’s at the top of your list, when you think about your wedding portraits. Start thinking about what you want from your wedding day is it just portraits or if you want the full experience of being able to hold your wedding album and seeing prints all over your house?



2. How much does wedding photographers cost? 


Now this can be answered in so many different ways, but I bet you are like just give me the deets! Here’s the short answer it’s anywhere from

$0-$30k for wedding photography.

I know you’re probably scratching your head cause this isn’t what you were expecting. There is so many factors that need to be considered when you think about it. Im not trying to be coy or cute, you have to just think about where you live or where the photographer lives. The most important thing to focus on though is going to be the value you want and will be happy with after your wedding day. Now some key things to factor in to your search and budget is:


3. Their experience 

You probably have heard me talk about the client experience and how important it is. When it comes to your wedding day you want to have your photographer capture every moment you have dreamt about. Do you want your photographer to be your best friend on your wedding day? Have them be your hype girl or do you prefer to have more of a laid back go with the flow photographer? This is where the experience comes to play, this is how they will treat you from the start of your journey. So while your searching check out their reviews, see what everyone says they loved about them. This is going to factor in to “how much they charge for wedding photography”.

4. Packages and what’s standard 

Now you’re probably like duh we need to see pricing, but this is more than just that. When you speak with them ask them what comes standard in their packages, what’s all included. Do they just shoot the wedding and give you a digital download? When you see what’s in their basic package and what’s included you are able to see if you need ad ons or if everything is right there ready for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, if you have any questions go ahead and click here and you’ll be taken to my contact form. Excited to meet all the new and fun couples for 2021 and 2022!! LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!!!!


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