Should I hire a wedding coordinator? - Ventura Wedding Photographer

Should I hire a wedding coordinator? – Ventura Wedding Photographer

Should I hire a wedding coordinator

Wedding Coordinator

Planning a wedding, you probably have thought “Do I need a wedding coordinator?” That question is a great one, well I am here to show you why you need one. I have done the research and actually sat down with a wedding coordinator and got all the tea! This will help you to see why you need a wedding coordinator.

What is the difference between a day of coordinator and Wedding planner?

A Day of Coordinator is just that, they “coordinate” or carry out your day, your plan that you have put together on your own, they make sure everything goes according to plan, on time, and are liaisons between you and your vendor team so that you or your family doesn’t have to worry about a thing on the day. A Wedding Planner is so much more than that, they “plan” your day with you, putting all the pieces together along the way so you have a cohesive and checked over plan for the day to be carried out.

We like to describe this difference at TLC like this… would you like us to meet you at the end of the trail to take you the rest of the way through your celebration you’ve navigated up to that point on your own; or would you like us to meet you at the trail head and guide you through that path, keeping you on track and helping along the way to ensure nothing is missed, no wrong turns or bumps and bruises along the way. Both answers are perfectly acceptable, both leading to a wonderful celebration, it’s just a matter of how much help, support and guidance you’d like along the way.

Why do I need a coordinator?

We hope that at the very least every couple has a Coordinator on their special day. The reason being, there are so many moving parts, vendors checking in looking for guidance, reassurance and approval. Deliveries being made, set up needing to be done, finishing decor touches to be tended to, notes passed between you and your partner. Timeline to keep everyone to, that you don’t want you, you’re family or friends to be out there, constantly being pulled from hair and make or hanging with your crew to be having to facilitate and manage. Further, that’s if everything goes perfectly to a T, imagine the many obstacles we have seen on the day.

Everything from sewing the groom’s button back onto his jacket because it popped during photos and everyone is waiting on it, or the cake was delivered unstacked or heaven forbid fell and needs attention/ a solution, decor pieces need a little extra TLC to look or stand just so, catering teams being short handed and having to jump in to get the tables set just right in time, technical connection issues, the list goes on and on.

Not to mention things throughout the day, someone to hold your dress between locations, to remember the rings and vows before the ceremony, to whisper a few encouraging words right before you take those first few nervous steps to the aisle, to know that Aunt Susie is supposed to be in the family photos and is missing at the cocktail hour, to bring you your signature drinks and appetizers for those in between photo moments where you are starving for a little something…

Every couple deserve the piece of mind and the support planners give to their couples both leading up to the day and during those priceless moments on the day.

How much of the process do you take care of before the wedding?

It depends on how much you would like us to help with… We take on anything from the moment you say “yes!” and helping to select a date and venue, to design planning, timeline creation, layout and seating logistics, all the way to simply coming along side you and finishing out the journey the 6 weeks leading to your wedding, being your safety net that crosses your T’s and dots your I’s, puts out any potential fires ahead of time and takes over your vendor management so that you can stick to the fun stuff of pampering and fun with your wedding party.

How many hours should I book you for?

We don’t actually book by the hour. I am a firm believer that when I take on the responcibilty for your wedding, I am taking on all that entails or needs to carry out the vision we discuss. This is why we have a great “getting to know you” conversation before I book any clients, so that I can price your needs and assistance accordingly and fully leaving there to be no surprises.

Wedding at McCormick RanchWhere are you located?

I personally, the owner, Kirin, live in the NorCal East Bay Area; however I have a team of my amazing coordinators and planners in the SoCal Ventura/SB/LA area (where we originated)

Do you have a preferred vendor list? Should I go with someone from that list?

Yes we do, we have out TLC Vendor Family who we know and trust and have worked with many times; however, while we find great comfort in working with them, we never require that you select exclusively from our list. We love to meet and collaborate with new vendors.

Wedding tables for guest

We have a few inspiration ideas. Can you recreate them?

We haven’t come across anything yet that we weren’t able to recreate or better fit to a couple’s style, so I’d say yes we are up for the challenge 😉

What does your packages start at and what do they include?

Packages start at $2500.00 and what they include depends on what level of assistance you are wanting. We have a Month Of Package that includes everything for the day and review/management at the 6 week out mark; our Coordination Collaboration Package where we guide you through the journey keeping you on track along the way with checklists, vendor recommendations, monthly emails, every few months check in calls, logistical planning and your event portfolio full of supporting documents and worksheets; to the Full Journey Package where everything start to finish from “Yes” to “I Do” we are there with you the entire way.


Should I hire a wedding coordinator

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