Tips on picking your engagement session

Tips on engagement location

Hey y’all so your planning your engagement session, one of the most important while planning is finding that perfect location. So here I put together a photographers tips on picking  your engagement session location. Now the goal for an engagement session to get to know your photographer, to learn prompts from each other that will help you fall into place on your wedding day, but to also help show your love for one another. Engagement sessions are so much fun it allows you to have some fun while on a photoshoot. This is great especially when you haven’t had a photoshoot done before. Don’t worry though it’s not my first time so I will help you relax and have fun by helping you to laugh your ass off (this I can definitely promise you).


#1 Choose a location that fits you and your relationship, keep true to yourself and not Pinterest

Now think  about a location you frequent a lot, such as a coffee shop, park or museum. If you are more of a home body think about having a cozy session inside your home, make it more personable. I’ve had couples who loved to travel so they choose to have their session at one of their favorite vacation spots. I honestly feel the session feels more personal when it’s a location that you go to together. You always want to make sure your location is more your style, if you are a someone who doesn’t like the outdoors how about let’s not go to a Forrest. I am gonna be real with y’all if you go to a location that doesn’t suit you and your future spouse it’s gonna show up in your images.

Here are some examples of that:

This groom grew up in this community and he and his soon to be bride often visit his family there. So they choose this location so they could relive some memories through walking the community. This community reminded us of the East Coast, come to find out this community was named after a town in the Hamptons.

Couple smilingTips on picking your engagement session location

This couple loves being outdoors and hiking so they choose to go to one of their favorite hikes. They decided that they wanted to adventure to their favorite hike though this day was super hot we had a great time. A tip if you are going to be traveling to your location such as this one, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes and a outfit to change into so you don’t get dirty and your feet aren’t throbbing. This beautiful location is called Santa Rosa Valley Park located in beautiful Camarillo, Ca.

Tips on picking your engagement session location


Sometimes couples have a hard time thinking of a location to have their engagement session or they are traveling to me I help scout the location. I will ask my clients what type of feeling/vibe theme they were going for. Some examples could be a botanical garden, open field, downtown city, or even the beach! You can never go wrong with a beach session! There are endless options! Here are some sessions I have shot for couples that wanted a specific feeling for their location so we chose together. Now don’t just go because it’s pretty!

This couple wanted a botanical garden feel with some openess, with lots of sun exposure and openness to dance, so we decided on both Ojai Gardens and an open field.

Tips on picking your engagement session location

This couple loves baseball so much so we decided to take a trip out to Dodger Stadium.

Tips on picking your engagement session location


#3 Tips on picking your engagement session location when busy locations look busy


Now I understand if you want to use the beach or park for your session but think about the time and date your choosing. You don’t want to have a lot of people in the background of your images, though that will make for some great movement. You won’t want some random giving you the stink eye because they are in your shot. Now even though you hire a professional if you choose to go to the beach on Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend be prepared to not have any room to feel comfortable. I have had clients feel uneasy because they chose to go to the beach during some of the peak times and had to deal with some onlookers.

Now if you are wanting the Santa Monica Pier on a bright summer day, you might want to think about all the tourist that will be there. Don’t worry because you’ll be able to still capture you having fun at your favorite spot. It might not be during the summer but it will be during a beautiful sunset to ensure the best lighting, maybe even seeing the sunset from the Ferris wheel (if you’ve never done that you might want best seat in the house)

Your engagement pictures are more then just photos they are a symbol of what your wedding is going to be like. So if you are a couple who loves to have fun and be goofy DON’T BE AFRAID TO BRING THAT OUT IN YOUR SESSION. Engagement sessions aren’t a set way, they change with every couple. Also don’t think Pinterest is real life! It’s great inspiration but it doesn’t mean it’s going to look exactly as it does on the Pinterest post. You can have similarities to the location but don’t be upset if it doesn’t look exactly the same (why would you want it to though). I hope you have enjoyed some of my tips on picking your engagement session location.

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